54th Anniversary

My Grandparents are adorable. They have been together 54 years. I can only hope Ed and I get to make it to 54 beautiful years together as well. My Grandparents are those people that can survive anything and I truly mean that. Today, 54 years ago, they vowed to love one another through thick and thin. They have done just that. I took these photos back in July when I visited them during the 4th of July break. I felt like their Anniversary was the perfect time to show them off.

Ed and I hadn’t been to their Myrtle Beach house. I knew I wanted to take some pictures of them while I was there. My Grandmother at the time was battling two types of cancer (she is in remission!). After doing Avery’s story I realized how important family photos were. I wanted some updated ones of my grandparents to display in my house. They both were happy to do it. I learned the value of family photos at a young age. My Grandmother and Grandfather would take pictures at all family events. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to anyone that I was the silly faced kid. I never was serious in a picture. My Grandmother can get me back today showing me all the goofy pictures. Thanks Nanny!! My Grandfather also has the keeper from when I was little and made up the “Pop-Pop song”… It was a Brittani original.

I am so grateful my Grandmother made it through the battle of Chemo she had to go through. I was so thankful during the trip that she was feeling well enough for Ed and I to take the family out to a nice dinner, and spend one and one time with them. Here’s some photos I took out front of their house.


Happy Anniversary Nanny & Pop-Pop!


Nanny-3710 Nanny-3711 Nanny-3715 Nanny-3716 Nanny-3732 Nanny-3733 Nanny-3741 Nanny-3745 Nanny-3746 Nanny-3747 Nanny-3800

Sammy the biggest cat I ever knew. He was bigger than most of my friends MEDIUM sized dogs.
Sammy the biggest cat I ever knew. He was bigger than most of my friends MEDIUM sized dogs.



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