Alaska + Africa = One Amazing Trip (Part 1)

In 2014, Ed and I went on one of our craziest adventures – Alaska and Africa in one journey. I know, this post is way late. If I am 100% honest, blogging is hard for me. The posts that are easiest for me are the ones with stories. Sessions are my life, but they don’t always have a story in that moment.

2014 was a really insane year. I decided it was the year I wanted to travel and travel we did. We went on many adventures but Africa and Alaska topped the list. My Mom’s birthday was coming up and it’s was her 50th. We wanted to surprise her with a dream trip of hers. So, at her birthday party – we surprised her with a trip on an Alaska Cruise with us and my sister, Alyssa. She was more than shocked.

When the dates were picked, Ed and I already had reservations to do the Apex Shark Cage Dive with Chris Fallows in South Africa. So, like any reasonable couple we decided we should just add Africa to our vacation. Who doesn’t fly all the way to Seattle, take an Alaskan cruise, and THEN fly all the way to South Africa…. Everyone, right?

Once everything was planned it was a matter of adding everything we wanted in this extend travel. Looking at our options – We choose Victoria Falls in Zambia as well. It was necessary to us to make sure we didn’t add to much in, but make the trip worth the cost.

Our trip began to Seattle. We were catching the boat at the port. So, we decided to get to Seattle a day early. I had never been and honestly, it was a really awesome place to see. Once we got on the boat, our first stop was Ketchikan. We decided to go ATVing in Alaskan woods. The company was called Adventure Karts, LLC and it was AWESOME. They were very fun and took photos for you. Not to mention, we got to see amazing views.

Adventure Karts - Ketchikan Alaska
Photo Credit: Adventure Karts, LLC – Eddie Taylor
Us in front of the waterfall - Ketchikan Alaska
Photo Credit: Adventure Karts, LLC Eddie Taylor


Next stop was Juneau. On this stop, we decided to do Whale Watching. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most of the time you see an animal briefly and that’s it. However, that day – we got to experience some really amazing stuff. Our tour guides got really excited and announced they had a group of whales hanging out. It was a 20 minute boat ride out. When we arrived, the whales were bubble netting. Apparently, this is something rare to see. Not only that, but they liked bubbles created from the boat. So, we got to see them very clearly.

Bubble Netting WhalesBubble Netting Whales 2

Then out of nowhere the captain said, “they spotted a KILLER WHALE!”. We were then off to another area. To our surprise, there was a lone male Killer Whale just swimming around.


After Juneau it was time for Skagway. Skagway was special. It was time for a helicopter ride to a glazier. I have a horrible fear of flying, but I had to try it. I was pretty nervous.

Photo Credit: Kelly Kerns

Photo Credit: Kelly Kerns
Photo Credit: Skagway Glacier Tour
Photo Credit: Edward Gattis

Photo Credit: Edward Gattis

We finished our cruise in Victoria. We decided to have photos done in the gardens of Victoria. We hired the Norwegian Cruise Line photography to do our photos. So, I don’t really have anything to share from that part of the trip… but if you ever have time. You should check out Victoria’s Botanical Gardens.

Part 2 will be Africa!


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