Engagement – Alyssa + David

Alyssa is my little sister. (I know, I’m still in shock that she isn’t little Lyssa anymore.) David, her amazing boyfriend, proposed! David is the perfect addition to our family. He’s a veteran with the most laid back personality. He’s a hard working guy and a total Star Wars/Game of Thrones fan like the rest of us. He compliments my sister perfectly. There was lots of emotions and I was super honored they asked me to do their engagement session. I told my Sister I wanted to do her session at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria. It’s one of my favorite locations. It gives you so many wonderful spots for beautiful photos. She was excited and the session was planned. I love you Alyssa and David.

I wanted to get their personalities in this session. I needed to show off who they truly were. They did the traditional formal photos and decided to do some casual “Star Wars” themed fun ones.


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