Growing our Tiny House Dream

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a fun and exciting Friday. It’s our 2nd Friday in 2018. I always love a new year. It’s a fresh slate. It’s the opportunity to start new goals and change the things you didn’t love in the year before. So, I am extremely happy to share mine. 2018 is the year of the Tiny House.

As many know, I gave up the corporate world at the end of 2017. I needed to find the dream career. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my company. They treated me great and I made amazing life long friends. However, it wasn’t my dream. I took the time to look at all the things I love and build my own plans. My personal blueprints to my ideal career.

2018 will involve so much change on my end. I decided I wanted to document my changes for all to see and to hopefully learn from. Ed and I have always loved animals. They are very much apart of our life. I always found that companionship of animals is something to be treasured. That being said, I have always dreamed of owning a farm. However, I had a challenge though, how do you create a business plan that can include animals and succeed… A WEDDING BARN.

The process has begun for us. Ed and I are looking for 20 plus acres in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area. Step one is to find property that can accommodate our dream. It also has to be near landmarks that are important for a wedding. (Hotels, Transportation, Food, etc..) We found that zoning will be the real challenge for us. We need to make sure we can have a home, pets, business and accommodations for large groups of parking.

Since we are at the beginning phases of the dream, I wanted to write and share the journey along the way. Here is the basic plans and any advice from farmers/businesses are appreciated.

The Plan:

  • We buy 20+ acres. To be honest, we are open to more bang for our buck. So, if you know someone selling large amounts of land send them to us.
  • Sell our current home in Woodbridge.
  • We buy a Tiny House for temporary living on the land. (This Tiny House will become an Air BNB on our land as well as the Bridal Space for prepping for weddings. If you have never seen a Tiny House, here’s a link.)
  • We have our dream home built on the land. So, If you know an amazing builder, referrals welcome!
  • We build the barn to include event amenities. (Kitchen, Office, Bathrooms, Hold 200+ people, Stage..)
  • Build animal spaces – Goats, Horses, Chicken, Pigs, and house pets. We are looking for farming experts to build the best more functional living quarters.

I have a feeling our plans will change 100 times before progress is really made, but it’s part of the journey. I am searching for people out there who have accomplished this or are in the process of accomplishing this. If you know someone that is a farmer/business owner in the land world, please pass along our info.

Photo taken by Nick at Apex Tours


Next Update – Land searching and purchasing. It will also include images of some of the places we are looking at.


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